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Edugame STMIK GLOBAL (1)

Edugame Asia Tenggara App

For friends who want to learn about countries in Asia in a different way, please download the Edugame Asia Tenggara application. This application helps us get to know several Asian countries by learning and playing games. Immediately download the application at the following link: Download.

Tuntunan Shalat STMIK GLOBAL

Tuntunan Shalat App

For colleagues who want to learn prayer in an exciting way, please download the “Tuntunan Shalat” application now. The technology embedded in this application is augmented reality. Please download at the following link: Download.

Learn Tajwid and Makhorijul Hurf

As a moslem, we must learn Al Qur’an especially how to read in the right way. Learn tajwid and makhorijul hurf are the best way for us to read Quran, InsyaAllah Mr.Gloo provide the app to guide you to learn this. Follow this link to download in Playstore https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wahyu.marbel

Listen Quran with GlooQuran

You can listening Quran everywhere and everytime with GlooQuran Apps. This application is mobile website app, created with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Please visit our link to use this application : http://mrgloo.com/glooquran/

Tunas Muda Apps

Hello friend, Mr.Gloo released the application Tunas Muda Apps based on Android. For those who are studying Scouts, you must download this application. This application learns about the technique of tying a rope, understanding Morse code, learning scout songs, and so on. Come on, make sure to download the application right now. Download here


Mr. Gloo Logos

Before we started research on education-based games, we will share the main design of the Mr.Gloo logo that we will develop in the lab.